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Photo editing should not be reserved for just the professionals. Facetune offers pro-level editing with easy photo editing tutorials, suitable for those just starting to experiment with photo editing and those who have lots of experience.

How to photo editing guides:

Background photo editing:

Makeup photography editing:

Social media photography editing:

  • Instagram profile picture photo tips: Instagram profile pictures can be basic or advanced — we give you all the IG profile photo tips you need.
  • Facebook profile picture photo tips: Facebook may be an aging social media platform, but everyone's Facebook profile picture involves some element of photography.
  • Self-portrait tips: Self-portraits are like the vintage version of a selfie photo — check out some basic self-portrait photo editing tips.
  • Dating app photography tips: What is the point of photo editing if we can't use it for our dating profile pics?
  • Selfie photography tips: Selfie photo editing is the 2022 version of old-school photo editing — read more about it here.
  • Instagram photography hashtags: Choosing the right photography hashtags on Instagram ensures that your uploads get as many eyeballs as possible.
  • Photo shoot hashtags: Nowadays, everyone has the ability to do a photo shoot using their smartphone cameras. Just make sure your photo editing skills are on display on social media with the right photo shoot hashtags.

Fashion photography editing:

Photo Editing Apps

  • Facetune vs Airbrush: Well, you've made it onto our website, feel free to read a bit further about the differences between photo editing apps Facetune and Airbrush.
  • Facetune vs VSCO: Slightly different apps with different features, but the Facetune vs. VSCO argument might be interesting depending on what you're looking for in a photo editing app.

Generate AI Images with your own selfies

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