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"Beauty and Makeup Guide" - a visual guide showcasing different makeup looks and techniques.

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What exactly is beauty? Is it about applying the right amount of eyeliner before going on a date? Or is it about feeling self-confident and comfortable in one's skin?

We think it's the latter, and we have tons of beauty tips to help you look and feel your best. Here's a roundup of our makeup and beauty guides — including makeup tutorials — covering everything beauty-related under the sun.

Actual, Physical Makeup Tips for Photos (and Selfies, Of Course)

Social Media Makeup & Beauty

Social media, for better or for worse, plays a pivotal role in delivering all of the hard work that people put into their beauty routines, for ephemeral digestion on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

  • No makeup selfie hashtag tips: Listen, we don't always have time for makeup, which means you will need some no makeup hashtags for your next IG selfie.
  • Beauty hashtags: 75 of the most popular beauty and makeup hashtags for your next IG upload.

Beauty & Makeup Apps

Call 'em what you want, but there are tons of beauty and makeup apps out there to help spruce up your selfie photos. Facetune is an industry leader, and below are quasi-tutorials on certain beauty and makeup features of Facetune, in addition to a few other beauty and makeup app details:

  • Selfie digital makeup apps: Digital makeup apps are all the rage these days — find out what the fuss is all about and see why Facetune is your digital makeup friend.
  • Face beauty apps: Face beauty apps seemingly came out nowhere into the mainstream, but Facetune has been doing this for nearly a decade.
  • Blemish remover apps: See how you can use Facetune as a blemish remover app to touch-up your photos.
  • Eye coloring apps: Edit your eyes and change your eye color easily with Facetune, a de-facto eye coloring app.

Beauty & Makeup Tutorials & Tips:

  • How to take a good picture of yourself: Less beauty-related and more of a practical guide, learn how to properly take a good picture of yourself, i.e. the beginner's guide to selfie-snapping.
  • Sexy selfie tips: Sending a sexy selfie is fraught with risks and complications, obviously. Make sure to read our guide before sending our your sexy selfie.

Generate AI Images with your own selfies

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