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Everybody loves a good selfie filter. Filters are a great way to edit photos quickly while still ensuring that you look amazing. In the age of social media, editing photos has gone from something that only professionals do with expensive software to something that's available to every person with a smartphone and Facetune.

Nowadays, videos have overtaken images as the kings of online content. From reels and stories to TikToks, your videos say a lot about who you are and your image. And now, you can easily and quickly apply filters over an entire video. Check out the best video filters available in Facetune. 

Sunny: To bring your videos to life with enhanced colors and lighting, the Sunny filters are your best friend. Each filter is designed to match the original lighting in the video for the ultimate video aesthetic. 

Golden: For that gorgeous golden-hour glow, the Golden filter set ranges from warm pinky glows to bold orange. 

Attitude: Make a statement with a high-drama, high-fashion filter from the Attitude collection. These filters have higher contrast to offer more of a punchy distinction between light and dark. 

B&W: The range of Black and White filters varies depending on the lighting of your video. From vintage, classic styles to modern, high-contrast vibes and a subtle gray tone, it's got everything you need. Change the intensity to ensure the entire video stays in focus and doesn't get washed out by bright white shades or dark black. 

Ultraviolet: For a fresh, festival-style video with bright colors, the ultraviolet filters come in five different neon colors. Applied lightly, the colors add a vintage aesthetic and soften the focus on the video. More intense color can be achieved easily for a one-of-a-kind dramatic effect. 

Selection of selfie filters

Urban: If you want street-smart, fashion, and influencer photos, the Urban filters are your best option. They all smooth out blemishes and soften the lighting for a gentle, easy-to-watch atmosphere. Each filter has a different intensity of color, so every video looks like the best day of your life. 

Selective: Ideal for nightlife and cityscapes with bright lights, the Selective filters have a range of color intensity and contrasts that bring out colors at night. With stunning focus and detail, they can take your video to the next level. 

Once you've applied your filter, watch the magic of the app as it applies your selection naturally across the entire video. For added social effects, you can use an Overlay to add light flairs, sparkles, a VHS effect, or even adjust the weather. Never post boring videos again!

Generate AI Images with your own selfies

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