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AI Selfie Generator: transform your aesthetic in an instant

Experience one-tap magic with Facetune. Choose from hundreds of AI Selfies presets or your own custom prompts and dive into a world of fun new styles.

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One picture, endless looks

Make striking visuals from your selfies with our free AI Selfie generator. Whether you're feeling angelic or devilish, glam or gothic, explore the many sides of your selfies.

Your unique facial features stay as they are, but with bold splashes of color here and lighting effects there. It's the same you, but with an all new vibe.

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Generate AI Selfies and elevate your content

Turn your selfies into AI visuals that stand out and are ready to share on Instagram or other social media platforms.

Whether you're spicing up posts with your unique style or just capturing everyday moments and moods, make your content truly shine.

Transform into doll-like

Step into a realm where anything is possible with our trending Life in Pink presets! With just one tap, transport yourself into a new aesthetic dimension - from pink beaches to sparkly utopias.

Turn your selfies into a doll-like character that’s all you, with a dash of pink magic.

Generate Selfie AI Character Art
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Take your AI Selfies to the next level with Facetune

Start by making an AI Selfie and enhance it with Facetune app’s innovative tools. Change backdrops, adjust eye colors, and explore digital makeup.

You have the power to turn every selfie into art, reimagining your selfies like never before.

How do I make an AI Selfie?

  • 1

    Upload your photo

    Start by uploading the photo you want to edit.

  • 2

    Select AI Selfies

    Navigate to the bottom left corner of your screen and select AI Selfies.

  • 3

    Choose your preset

    Explore and choose from a variety of presets or enter your own custom prompt according to your aesthetic preference.

  • 4

    Watch the magic unfold

    With your preset chosen, simply sit back and watch as AI Selfies works its magic!

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AI Selfie Generator FAQ

What is an AI Generated Selfie?

An AI Generated Selfie is a selfie that's been transformed by our smart algorithm. Just tap a button, and voilà! You get a stunning new look in seconds. So, why not create an AI Selfie and surprise yourself with the results?

Can I make an AI Cartoon or Anime Selfie?

Just type your desired anime or cartoon scenario into our AI Selfies custom prompts and watch as your unique AI anime or cartoon selfie comes to life. 

How can I generate an AI image of myself?

Just upload a picture, pick your style, and in a blink, you'll make an AI image of yourself. It's like magic, but better!

Which operating systems are AI Selfies available on?

AI Selfies is available both on iOS and Android. 

Can I use the AI Selfie Generator for free in Facetune?

Absolutely! We believe everyone should have the chance to play with their looks. While many of our AI selfie presets are available for free, please note that a select few exclusive presets on iOS might come with a small fee. But rest assured, there's a vast array of options for you to explore and create with. So go ahead, let your creativity run wild!

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