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Gorgeous skin in every selfie


Give skin an even look and control exactly how smooth you go.


Get a radiant, sunkissed glow without setting foot in the sun (or tanning bed)!

Matte/Anti Glare

Oily skin? Blot away shine. Overexposed skin? Get rid of that glare.

Cool Down/Fix Tone

Override red, blotchy skin in just a few swipes.

No time to iron your shirt? Remove wrinkles with the Smooth tool.

Life changing hacks


Whiten teeth with a swipe and flash your pearly whites – it’s that simple.


After a late night (of studying or partying), swipe away under eye circles and look refreshed.


Buh-bye acne! Remove blemishes with a tap. Why should an overnight zit ruin a photo forever?


Copy & paste over blemishes and seamlessly match skin tone.

Use Whiten to freshen up white sneakers, shirts, and more!

Try on fun new looks

Live Camera

Editing just got that much easier! Take an in-app photo or video and seamlessly go right into editing.


Give your blush a peachy boost or add a nice red lip. The options are limitless!


Easily emphasize or minimize features. Opt for bushier eyebrows or fuller lips!


Contour skin by using the color picker to find the ideal tone for a realistic result.


Makeup without the mess! Create a complete makeup look with lipstick, eyeshadow, and blush or simply retouch the one you have.


Show off your glamorous side with glitter blushes in every shade imaginable. A little sparkle goes a long way.

Use Reshape on your backdrop for a seamless background that fills up the whole frame.

Never miss a chance to shine

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Portrait tools that mean business


Change the background of any photo. Go from bathroom selfie to classy studio portrait in an instant.


Adjust the light source for dramatic studio lighting or a softer glow. Your own virtual ring light.


Neon filters add red-carpet glam. A high-fashion photoshoot, shot and edited by you, of you.


Automatically defocus the background to add depth. A pro photographer’s best kept secret.


Friend jumped into your frame? Car drove by at the last second? Remove them in just a tap with Vanish.

Use Vanish to put flyaways back in their place!

Not-basic basics: essential editing

Brightness/Contrast/ Light

Fix bad lighting no matter when or where your selfie was shot.


Bring out details. Add drama. Give your photo clarity and focus.

Color/Temperature/ Saturation

Make color adjustments to get a selfie that looks just right.


Bump up the grain or add a dramatic vignette like it’s 1975. Retro is the moment.


Crop, rotate, straighten, and flip your selfie so it’s exactly how you’ll post it on Instagram.


Colored contact lenses, sans prescription. Add reflections and remove red-eye while you’re at it.

Use Saturation to get your makeup look juuuust right, or to make your background pop even more!
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