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AI photo enhancer

Brighten, smooth, and enhance your selfies all in one tap with the power of Facetune app’s AI image enhancer.

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Make your photo glow: increase photo clarity

Selfie didn’t come out quite as you wanted or snapped a dim shot? Facetune’s AI picture enhancer in our photo editor is your one-stop solution for all your natural and instant retouching needs.

Find every retouch you’re looking for, all in one tap.

The AI Photo Enhancer tool increases the photo clarity
The AI Photo Enhancer tool creates a total look for selfies

One-tap digital palette

Use Enhance, your go-to photo enhancer as a starting point for creating a total look for your selfies, and continue creating with Facetune’s digital makeup tools for the ultimate finish!

Play with smudge-free lipstick, waterproof eyeliner and transfer-free blush, and so much more.

Enhance portraits instantly

Take your enhanced photo even further using Facetune’s advanced photo retouch tools.

Remove blemishes with a tap, whiten teeth with a swipe, and emphasize your fave features with reshaping tools.

The AI Photo Enhancer tool enhances your portrait

How to enhance your photos?

  • 1

    Begin by uploading your desired image

  • 2

    Tap on “Enhance” and watch your entire photo brighten, smooth, and enhance!

  • 3

    Adjust the levels of enhancement to your liking

  • 4

    Download your finished photo to your phone or share to your socials

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Photo Enhancer FAQ

Is the photo enhancer free?

Enjoy the Enhance tool with a 7-day free trial. Continue experiencing access to all features and tools by transitioning into a subscription after the trial. Cancel anytime.

How does the Facetune Enhance tool work?

Facetune's Enhance tool, an AI-powered picture enhancer, intelligently enhances image resolution, lighting, and texture by smoothing and brightening photos for a stunning finish.

Why is Facetune Enhance tool the best photo enhancer app?

Facetune's Enhance tool, with one tap, uses AI technology to make editing simple and accessible, transforming any photo into a high-quality image instantly.

Is the Facetune Photo Enhancer online?

Yes, Facetune's Enhance tool is available both online and as an app.

How to make a blurry picture clear?

Transform blurry photos into clear images using Facetune's Enhance tool. It quickly smooths, brightens, and sharpens to add a radiant glow. It's as simple as selecting 'Enhance' just in one tap.

Why do people use image quality enhancers?

People use image quality enhancers to easily improve their image quality. This can involve making blurred photos clearer, brightening images, or simply refining the overall appearance of the picture for a more glowy look.

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