7 Best Vintage Filters For Selfie Photos

7 best vintage filters for selfie photos

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Camera technology is constantly improving. Nowadays, even basic smartphones can take high-quality photos. But despite everyone having the latest technology at their fingertips, we all still love vintage-style photos. 

The fading, lack of focus, light leaks and soft colors still make a retro snap look incredible, and people are still posting thousands of #vintagephotos on Instagram. With major celebs like Selena Gomez posting vintage photos, we're sure that this aesthetic will never really go out of style. 

But if you don't carry a retro camera around with you (who does?!), how can you achieve such a specific effect? We've got some filters you need to know about.

The Best Vintage Photo Filters

The quickest way to give your photos a vintage makeover is to use a filter from Facetune. Whatever type of vintage vibe you're aiming for, Facetune has you covered.

Analog: These filters are perfect for a retro '90s feel. A little harsh, with high-contrast colors and a slight off-focus feel, they make photos look like they've come straight out of the '90s. 

Vintage photo with girl holding flowers

Vintage: The Vintage filter set is ideal for softer, more traditional vintage aesthetic photos. Each filter has a slight color tint that gives an illuminating effect for a sunny, bright — yet soft — feeling. 

Attitude: For high-drama, 1950s-style photos, the attitude collection really brings out the highlights and shadows for a classic Hollywood aesthetic. Turn your selfie into a stunning movie star headshot in a few clicks for a dramatic impact. 

Vintage camera and photos on a wooden surface

Other ways to give your photos a vintage-style aesthetic:

Grain: Using the Grain feature, you can create a slightly unfocused and rough effect. Combined with the Details feature, you can manipulate the focus of the camera lens to make the image look like a real retro photo. 

Vignette: The Vignette feature can soften the edges of a photo for a worn down, well-loved look. This makes the picture look like the camera's focus wasn't that good or that the photo has been touched a lot and the color worn away. 

Light FX: Add some light imperfection or sun flares to your photos with these special effects. This gives the illusion that the camera mechanism wasn't perfect and couldn't handle the light appropriately like an older camera. The Light Leak filters are perfect for this. 

Vintage camera with a roll of film

Black and White: Of course, nothing screams "vintage" quite like a black and white photo. Facetune has several sets of black and white filters, including the basic B&W and Grace. Use the sliding tool to blend the black and white filter with the natural color for a customized sepia-toned vintage photo. 

And there you have it! A quick and easy way to make your photos look old-school and vintage. 

Generate AI Images with your own selfies

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