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People say the eyes are the windows to the soul. But staring at screens for work and then Netflix and then back to work can leave your eyes looking dull or just red and irritated.

Having dull eyes can really affect your photos. You can look a little bit out of it, even if you're genuinely having a great time and your smile is natural. Dull eyes and a big smile might not be the look you want. Patrick Bateman, anyone?

The good news is that in addition to changing your eye color and adding eyeliner with various face editing apps, you can bring your bright, amazing eyes back to life in your selfies with just a few minor edits. So, if you're feeling slightly dead inside, don't panic; no one has to know.

Just follow our step-by-step guide to give your selfies the ultimate finishing touch and make your eyes the center of attention.

Tired eyes before editing.
Tired eyes after editing.

Step 1: Open your selfie in Facetune and head straight to the Retouch section.

Step 2: In here, select the Details function and touch the center of each eye. This will help focus the photo and bring your eyes into sharper, clearer focus. Use the slide bar to increase the details while still looking natural.

Step 3: Then use the Glow function and lightly swipe over your eye and the surrounding area. Follow this with the Vibrance option to bring extra light to your eyes to really make them pop.

Step 4: Once you've saved these changes, head back to the main menu, scroll along the bottom bar until you reach the Eyes functions.

Step 5: In the Eyes menu, in the Details function, slide the bar up and down to bring more detail and brightness to your eyes. This will give you an intense look and can be great in a sensual selfie where eye contact is critical.

Step 6: If you want to add even more light, use the Reflection function to add light detailing to your eyes. Pick a light reflection that won't cover the colors in your eyes.

Step 7: To make your eyes stand out even more, select the Whiten option to make the whites of your eyes a pure white color and remove any redness, which has the added benefit of making you look more rested.

Bonus step: If your photo has any flashback or reflection, in the Eyes menu, you'll find a Red Eye option that will allow you to remove any unnatural redness in your eyes, leaving you free to further edit the eyes however you'd like.

So, you see, editing your eyes to make them stand out is super easy. Facetune has so many options to play around with, you can make sure that no matter how fed up you are of staring at a computer screen and no matter how many tequilas you had the night before, your eyes always look fresh in your selfies.

Now that you've made a couple of enhancements to your photos, let's continue breaking those hearts with your wit, too, as you dish out some sassy selfie captions.

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