How To Take A Killer Instagram Profile Picture Selfie

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Sure, your Instagram profile picture selfie is kind of small, but it’s pretty important for how people see you on IG.

Your profile pic tells the world what you're all about. And actually, it’s the first thing people notice on their IG Stories feed.

Because Instagram is such a visual platform, you can get a little artsier with your Instagram profile picture selfies than you can with other social networks.

If you’re in the mood to snap a winning selfie, and want to learn how to take a good picture of yourself, use these 10 Instagram profile picture selfie ideas to help you nail the shot.

1 - The eyes have it

Not feeling a full-face selfie? Hey, we get it. Sometimes your eye makeup is on point but your lip pout isn’t up for the challenge.

Zoom in and focus on your eyes for your Instagram profile pic selfie. Hide the rest of your face with a sweater, scarf, or even a flower. If your phone has it, use the "eye focus" feature for an extra intense look.

2 - Shoot your silhouette

What about a selfie that doesn’t show your face at all? Take a pic of your shadow for an interesting and different approach to an Instagram profile picture selfie.

You can also use backlighting to cast shadows over your face if you don’t want to photograph your full-body shadow. This works great at either sunset or sunrise and gives off a mysterious and sexy vibe.

Killer Instagram Profile

Kendall Jenner

3 - Shoot a creative group photo

Instagram profile pics are teeny-tiny. We usually aren’t fans of doing a group photo for IG, but it’s possible if you make it fun and interesting.

Instead of standing next to each other and trying to squeeze everyone into the shot, try spreading out behind each other — that’s a much more dynamic shot that gets people’s attention. Follow these tips to nail the group selfie pose.

4 - Tell your story

What do you want people to think when they see your Instagram profile picture selfie? This is your chance to strut your stuff and show off a little.

What are you passionate about? What are your hobbies? Incorporate these into your next profile pic. If you love music, take a selfie of you enjoying music with your eyes closed. If you’re a softball fanatic, throw on your glove and toss a ball while snapping a pic.

You get the idea. Show people that you’re more than just a pretty face.

5 - Share a message

Pick up some sidewalk chalk for $1 and use it to write a cool message on the pavement. You can pose with your phone above it, so you can get both your face and the message in the shot.

If you’re near the beach, write a quote or draw a picture in the sand for a selfie. Just don’t get too close to the water because the high tide will wash away your work!

6 - Incorporate bright colors

Black and white photos might be all the rage, but bright colors are what will make your Instagram profile picture selfie stand out.

Whether it’s bright clothes or a funky backdrop, pose in front of something lively and vibrant. You don’t need a fancy location, either: the next time you’re at the farmer’s market, snap a pic in front of a fruit stand or flower display to get that pop of color.

Killer Instagram Profile

Selena Gomez

7 - Find the reflections

Have you ever snapped a selfie using your car’s side mirror? Reflections are your best friend for taking next-level selfies that get likes.

Whether it’s a car mirror, puddle, windows, or even a pair of sunglasses, use reflections to take thought-provoking profile pics.

Just, uh, remember to clean the surface — nobody likes looking at a dirty mirror or smudged sunglasses.

8 - Don’t forget your filter

I mean, did you really upload a pic to Instagram if it didn’t have a filter?

IG is all about filters. If you find one filter that works for you, stick with it! It will keep the aesthetic of your feed more consistent.

Need more than the filters Instagram offers? Facetune lets you pick pre-loaded filters and customize them to your heart’s content.

9 - Look away from the camera

Looking away from the camera gives your photo a mysterious, wise vibe that looks great on Instagram. Yes, looking directly at the lens helps you connect with your audience, but looking away can draw them into your profile, too.

Try to shoot your Instagram profile picture selfie someplace interesting. The mountains, a park, or the beach are great options. When posing, make sure it looks natural. If you’re gazing pensively in the distance, make it look effortless and easy (and not like a cheesy fashion photoshoot).

10 - Get a little goofy

Sultry selfies are great. But who wants to be serious all the time?

Don’t be afraid to get a little goofy for your next profile pic. Stick out your tongue, laugh, make a silly face, toss up some peace signs — inject some personality into your selfie by trying something different.

IG Profile Selfies-KatyPerry
Katy Perry

Here are 11 more Instagram profile picture ideas

Okay, so you’ve got the basics down and you know how to take an awesome Instagram profile picture selfie. That’s half the battle, my friend.

But you need to take your profile pics to the next level, which means adding a dash of creativity to your selfies.

Not sure where to start? I’ve got you. Try something new with these 11 Instagram profile picture ideas.

1) Visit a new destination

Maybe you live in a drab city where there isn’t a lot going on. But who says that has to play a starring role in your Insta pic?

Take bae or a bestie and go somewhere totally new. The beach is always a good choice, but you can also swing by a national park or even a local lake for an unforgettably awesome Instagram profile pic. Heck, some local farms grow flowers just for selfie-lovers (may I suggest snapping your Instagram profile pic in a field of sunflowers?).

2) Go for monochrome

Okay, you know the value of bright colors in your Instagram profile picture, but you can go further here. If you love red so much, why not make your entire profile pic red? Wear red makeup, a red shirt, and even red hair accessories to tie it all together.


It might sound a little matchy-matchy, but monochromatic Instagram profile pictures really stand out on a visual platform like Instagram. Trust me.

3) Add some head gear

Yes, your hair styling is important, but sometimes a cool hat or headpiece will turn a lot more heads. I’m partial to huge flower crowns, but you can also make a striking statement with a crystal crown, helmet, rhinestones, etc. It’s okay to be dramatic here; your profile pic is a chance to elevate yourself from your normal selfies!

4) Cartoonify yourself

Hey, I get it. Sometimes plain pictures feel too boring. If it fits your personality, you can always turn yourself into a cartoon with a tool like ToonMe.

5) Sneak in some glitches or imperfections

The glitch effect is really popular right now. In a world where Instagram feeds are full of picture-perfect beauty, sometimes it’s refreshing to see a lens flare or blur (in the right way, of course). You don’t have to be a pro photographer to add cool imperfections to a pic; just use Facetune’s Light FX feature to drop in a new look with a tap.

6) Get a close-up

Sometimes the best profile pics don’t have your face in them at all. If people know your face already, you can create an Instagram profile picture that describes your interests instead.

So, if you’re a gamer, maybe you take a close-up photo of your Nintendo Switch. If you’re a beauty maven, you could snap a pic of your makeup brushes. Whatever it is you love, take a close-up and make that your Instagram profile picture.

7) Dress up as someone else


Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Dress up as Hermione Granger in your profile pic to jazz things up! Sometimes it’s fun to dress up as a meme or a character from your favorite book or movie. I wouldn’t recommend making this your profile pic 100% of the time, but if you’re looking to get a few extra likes, this is a fun Instagram profile photo idea.

8) Share your view (literally)

We go to Instagram to escape, so give your followers a taste of something different. Share your view, whether that’s looking out from your campsite under the stars or from a terrace overlooking the lights of Las Vegas.

Sure, your face isn’t in this Instagram profile picture idea, but it’s still a great shot that gives followers an idea of what your life is like. This is a must-try if you travel a lot!

9) Ask a friend to take candid shots

It feels weird snapping candid pics of yourself, so ask your bae or bestie to snap a few unsuspecting photos of you. Of course, make sure it’s still flattering, but candid shots usually look more genuine and interesting than super-posed profile pics.

10) Eat something

Why not pose with your favorite food for your Instagram profile picture? I recommend posing with colorful foods like ice cream, cookies, or donuts to turn more heads, but if you really want to pose with a slice of pizza, go for it.

11) Pose with an animal

Plenty of people take pictures with their pets, and that’s a great idea! But you can also take photos of yourself with other animals. I mean, Spencer Pratt takes tons of unbelievable selfies with wild hummingbirds:


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Spencer Pratt (@spencerpratt)

As long as you’re safe about it, you can try to pose with (or near) other animals, it can make for a really cool Instagram profile picture.

The best Instagram selfie profile pic tip? Be you

The best way to look awesome on IG is to be yourself. Transparency isn’t always the norm on IG (in spite of #iwokeuplikethis), so if you’re brave enough to bare your soul to your followers, go for it! Share your anime collection, brag about your karate trophies, or indulge in your odd hobbies — the best way to attract the right followers is to show off your unique perspective.

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