5 Best Selfie Filters For Selfie Photos

5 best selfie filters for selfie photos

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What do you do when your selfie isn't as great as you thought it would be and you have no time to edit? You add a filter, of course!

Whether you're not the best at photo editing, can't be bothered, or just don't have the time, filters can be a total lifesaver. They are easy to use and can transform a basic photo into an epic one in seconds. 

But how do you know which one to use? Here's a breakdown of the best filters and how they can improve your selfie game. 

Filters For a Flawless Selfie

Designed to add a smoothness to your photo, along with enhanced colors and gentle lighting, the Influencer filters are great for a quick fix. Choose from six different filters that provide extra lighting and a sophisticated look. Whatever your Instagram aesthetic, there is an influencer filter ready to go. There's no need to lug around your ring light when you have these filters on hand.

Filters For Golden Hour

Everyone knows golden hour is the best time to take photos. It really is the best natural lighting and can make an average photo look incredible. The warm, soft golden glow was so in demand that influencers used to flock to popular spots just before sundown to capture the perfect shot. 

Facetune app: Choose from 5 best selfie filters

Now the Facetune Golden Hour filters can mimic that effect on any photo. Capture the perfect glow in all your pictures by choosing one of four golden hour filters. Ranging from warm pink undertones to a deeper golden orange hue, they are a great way to enhance photos taken in bright, harsh lighting. No need to spend ages adjusting the Exposure and Brightness ever again!

Classic Black and White Filters

Perhaps the best way to make a selfie stand out in seconds is to make it black and white. Throwing a black and white filter on a selfie can eliminate flaws and bring a timeless feel to the photo. 

The classic black and white filter set offers a range of balanced black and white filters for a classic look that works with most lighting. Select from deep black and off-whites to flatter your skin tone and hair color. 

Comparison of five selfie filters on different skin tones

Funky Filters

If you're looking to shake things up a bit, why not opt for the Duotone or Ultraviolet filters? Each filter brings one color to the forefront. For a neon, look-at-me selfie, these filters are one-of-a-kind.

Choose from pink, purple, green, yellow, orange and more. You can increase or decrease the intensity for a subtle festival-style selfie or a total wow-factor colorful selfie. 

Every Filter You Could Ever Need

Why stop with just one filter? Once you've saved your changes and you're back in the main menu, you can go back to the Filters menu and layer another filter over the top. This way, you can create a unique blend of filters. Use the same combination of filters to create your own aesthetic. 

Whatever your end goal, amazing filters are waiting for you in Facetune. Skip all the fussing and save time by letting the filter do all the editing for you. Quick, easy, and visually stunning, your selfie game just went up a level. 

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